Santa Barbara County Courthouse Wedding

Recently published in Spring 2023 on ‘Santa Barbara Wedding Style’ Magazine! See their publication HERE!

“Tay is unequivocally THE BEST photographer you could ever choose to be by your side on your wedding day! Our wedding would not have been what it was without her. Her heart and her passion radiate from her. Her presence is one of calmness and confidence and creative genius. Her ability to capture every. single. moment. perfectly and in a way that is undeniably YOU is unmatched. Her images exude every ounce of emotion that was felt during our special day and so beautifully allow us to relive our wedding over and over! Tay is a blessing, a joy, an angel, and a treasure. We could shoot with Tay a thousand times and every single time I would still be in complete awe and amazement of the sheer magic she creates! My words, without a doubt, fall short of reflecting the absolute gift that she is, but I promise you, she’s your girl!”


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